Fundraiser for CGB

We came across a fundraiser that goes with the NFL Season and we thought we would give it a try.  Many people really get excited about the NFL and we thought we could make it a fundraiser for the program.

Tickets are $20 dollars for the season, in which there is a new game each week.  That works out to $1.17 a week. Winning prizes vary so you also can win if your teams are the lowest scoring week.  Payouts are weekly.

You also get some free music downloads.

We have until Saturday, September 7th to sell any tickets, all unsold tickets need to be returned to Coach Priefer.  We have to activate card by midnight on the 7th to make sure the card is able to win.

If interested in the online option, please click on and you can see more about the fundraiser and how it works

Just need to return the bottom portion of the card to us. 

Any questions please let me know.